More often than not, FSBO transactions leave buyers and sellers feeling frustrated, shortchanged, and ultimately, wishing they’d gone down a different path.


Listing a property as FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, essentially requires the seller to take on the role of a licensed Realtor… whether or not he or she has the capabilities to actually do so.  Often times, homeowners who forego hiring Realtors believe they can easily find a buyer and save money on commission fees.


But make no mistake, selling property is a lot more involved than booking walkthroughs and hosting open houses.


Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor (That FSBO Sellers Miss Out On!)


1. Realtors Provide Insight Into The Housing Market


The best way to choose a Realtor you can trust is to start by searching for agents who’ve already worked in your neighborhood.  Most of the time, these agents have a working knowledge of buyer behavior and property values with respect to your location.


An agent who frequently works in your area can easily create a marketing plan to help buyers find out about your listing and make sure your home sells for the best possible price.


Not to mention, sellers who choose to work with a Realtor don’t need to worry about finding time in their busy schedules for booking showings.


2. Realtors Already Have The Connections You Need


From stagers and photographers to attorneys and land surveyors, an experienced Realtor will have connections to a network of professionals who know how to help you sell your home quickly.


3. Realtors Know About Scams To Watch Out For


As a FSBO seller, you become vulnerable to a number of scams Realtors know how to look out for.  Con artists know you don’t have a Realtor to consult with, and your lack of knowledge becomes their advantage.


Even if you could find the time to read up on real estate laws and processes, there are too many variables working against you, unless you yourself are a licensed agent.


4. Realtors Carry E&O Insurance To Protect Sellers


Without a Realtor’s errors and omissions insurance, you’ll be liable if the buyer is able to find any reason to sue you.


For example, neglecting to properly disclose critical information about the property that could affect the home’s value or pose a safety hazard may result in your buyer taking legal action against you.


5. Realtors Already Have The Answers To Most, If Not All, Of The Challenges You’ll Face


Trying to solve problems as they come up will always leave you scrambling for information, without really knowing whose advice you can trust.  The fact is, every real estate transaction is as unique as the parties involved.


And with real estate laws varying between counties, it’s incredibly easy to overlook or even entirely miss out on information pertinent to your sale.


Despite what the naysayers believe, hiring a Realtor is always the smartest move.



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