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 Is healthy living worth the effort?


Some people feel that being healthy requires too much work and is not worth the struggle; they believe keeping a healthy lifestyle means eating salads and working out every day. The truth is, being healthy means taking care of yourself so you can feel well without depending on medication.


Introducing guest author, Ana Sanchez-Vivas


Hi everyone!  My husband, Ivan, and I are parents of two toddlers, and as wellness researchers, we want to show you that being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult; you can make easy changes in your life and burn calories even without exercising!


Ivan and I are brokers of natural products, and we work with a wonderful team, including a urologist and expert on naturopathic medicine who recently shared the article below.   We wanted to share with you as well!


5 tips to Burn More Calories Without Exercising


By Dr. Juan Jose Ramos

The first advice they always give us if we ask how to burn more calories is to exercise. Playing sports is an excellent way to increase energy expenditure and improve our motivation and mood to lose weight in a healthy way.

However, there are other natural ways to achieve this, too.

How to Burn More Calories?

There are many people who have a hard time losing weight. There are also others who are going down in weight based on hard efforts and sacrifices, but would like to achieve the same results more easily. For all of them we propose 5 tips that are based on food and good habits.

This way, not only will we lose weight faster, but will also improve our health, which fills us with optimism and energy.

1.       Do not Reduce Calories intake.


The way to burn more calories does not consist precisely in reducing calories.  The hypocaloric diets accustom our body to spend less energy, so that it will still cost us more to lose weight and, in addition, we will suffer the dreaded rebound effect if we leave the diet.

2.       Infusion of Ginger.


Ginger is, like cayenne, an excellent activator of metabolism that we must include in our diet. In addition, it improves our digestion and favors the elimination of liquids, so it should not be lacking in any diet for weight loss purposes. We can prepare the infused ginger, accompanied by lemon juice and stevia, and take it throughout the day, cold or hot.

3.       Food Rich in Vegetables.


Vegetables have the peculiarity that our body spends more calories to digest them than other foods. For this reason we recommend eating a diet rich in vegetables, raw and cooked.

4.       Make Several Meals a Day.


Making several meals a day is good advice for those who want to increase energy expenditure, and also for those who suffer from starvation during a diet. They must be meals that satisfy us but do not fill us completely.

5.       A Good Rest.


Sleeping well is essential to achieve our goal. By sleeping well we mean to rest enough; what our body needs. If we sleep little we alter our nervous system and we will notice an increase in appetite due to lack of energy. On the contrary, if we sleep too much, we will reduce our metabolism, burn fewer calories and we will feel tired more easily.

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This article is merely informative. We are not recommending any medical treatment, nor are we offering any diagnoses. We encourage you to speak with your doctor prior to making any adjustments to your diet, nutrition, and/ or exercise routines.

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