With mobile real estate apps, you can look for a home while you’re filling your gas tank or waiting in line at the mall. (The way gas prices are looking, you better save money on housing). Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, the Apple ( AAPL) App Store has a lot to choose from.

If you’re planning out your search, these apps will help you narrow choices down. If you’re already on the hunt, using these apps can help you find what openings are nearby. Once you’ve found the perfect place, use the apps to calculate whether or not you can afford it. Sorry, the numbers don’t lie.

  1. Zillow App
  2. Trulia App
  3. Realtor App
  4. Loopnet Commercial Real Estate Search
  5. Classifieds2Go
  6. Real Estate Calc: Mortgage & Home Qualification Calculator
  7. Open House Manager
  8. Docusign
  9. Agent Reports Ntreis MLS sheets
  10. Supra Ekey
  11. Keynote
  12. Apple Maps

Keep in mind this is on a National survey.  For local searches, HAR updates its information every 15 minutes!   That’s fast!!!

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