“Where are the nearby grocery stores?” That is a question one doesn’t normally put at the top of the list when shopping for a new home. However, if you’re looking in the Tanglewood, Galleria area or Uptown Houston, no need to blink an eye. There are plenty of major and minor players to choose from to handle your grocery needs.

In order to give this some perspective let’s travel west on San Felipe from Post Oak Blvd. We will take a couple of side streets too, so here we go!

1. As we travel west, on your left you will see the new Whole Foods Market. Need I say more? Ok, underground parking is pretty cool, and there is also a fancy brewery and beer bar there for some interesting night life. For those that live in the area, it offers an interesting scene for socializing as well as stocking up on some groceries.

2. Catty corner from the WFM is Fresh Market. It’s a smaller version of the aforementioned. Ample parking and a great supply of fresh produce and organic foods. Fresh Market has an interesting selection of products in all categories. So, for Tanglewood residents there is a great alternative on the small and easily accessible side.

3. As we continue west, on your left is the Randall’s grocery store. At the intersection of San Felipe and Sage, Randall’s is located in a the strip center there with three restaurants and a myriad of other retailers. One stop shopping is convenient here!

4. Once you hit Fountainview, the new H E B is on your left. While I have not been in this one yet, the new stores that I have entered are spacious, clean and fun to be in. Inside the H E B, there is an organic and healthy eating restaurant called Table 57. The store anchors a new strip mall with a couple of restaurants and lots of retailers as well. Lots of parking, but get there early!

So these are the major grocery stores in the direct Tanglewood area, but there is Kroger at Voss along with another Whole Foods Market and a Trader Joes across the street. Needless to say, in whatever part of Tanglewood you choose to live, you’ll have plenty of grocery store choices. Happy shopping!

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