Have you ever had a superstitious client?  What about yourself? During my first open house as an intern a couple expressed some superstitions that changed their minds on the house. This intrigued me to explore how cultural superstitions/ old tales play a role in a clients decision to buy or sell a home.

Some of the most popular superstitions I came across were:

Finding the Right Place
– According to the Chinese philosophical system of feng shui, a house must have windows the east side to face the sunrise, or it’s bad luck.
– The Chinese also believe that moving into a home that sits on a curved road or faces a “T” intersection will bring bad fortune.

– Also in China, home buyers are warned to avoid homes with the number four in the address, because the the word for “four” sounds like the word for death in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

Buying It
– Look for homes that have the number eight somewhere in the list price. In China, this is said to be good luck.

– In the Philippines, the date a property is transferred matters. To ensure that things keep looking up for you, make sure the closing d
ate includes a number that, when written, ends with the pen stroke pointing toward the top of the page rather than the bottom, such as 0, 3, 5, or 8.

Moving in
– In India it is said to be bad luck to move into a new house on a Friday or Saturday, or on a rainy day. Thursday is considered the luckiest day to move in.

– Always buy a new broom for a new house. According to popular belief, bringing an old broom to a new home will bring along all of the bad luck you want to leave behind, whereas a new broom signifies a fresh start.

– Stuffing fennel into your keyhole or hanging it over the door is said to protect your home from witches.

– A southern legend claims that painting your front porch blue will ward off ghosts. The ghosts, which can’t cross water, mistake the blue porch for water and stay away.

– The ancient Norse believed that placing an acorn on a windowsill would protect the house from being struck by lightning.

In real estate, it is important to honor cultural superstitions and beliefs. Not only does this build a solid relationship, but it will help effectively search for the right homes resulting in more closings.

-Kaylee Monteleone

Visit http://farmersalmanac.com/home-garden/2013/10/28/home-buying-superstitions/ for more information on home superstitions.

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