In 1980, the National Association of Home Builders coined the term “smart house,” which refers to a home with integrated telephones, lighting, audio, and security. Recently, home owners who are thinking about listing their homes are proactively installing smart-home systems that you can control by your phone or even voice. Builders are also installing smart devices in new construction. Both believe they’ll be at a disadvantage without them. It’s only a matter of time before the trend reaches older homes and lower-priced listings. So what devices can you install to make your home a “smart-home?”

Here’s a list of devices you can invest in to make your home a little bit “smarter.”

  1. Best Smart Home Hub

Samsung SmartThings $99

This central system integrates and controls a wide variety of smart home gadgets. Not only does it have a battery backup, but it integrates technology into its 2016 4K TVs, meaning you won’t have to plug yet another gadget into your router.


2. Best Smart Thermostat


ECOBEE3 $249

With it’s slick touchscreen interface, the Ecobee makes sure that all of the rooms of your house are getting heated or cooled properly. Using a small wireless sensor in a room that stays chilly, the thermostat will keep the heat on until it senses the room has warmed up. Wow, how smart is that? Not only does it have a mobile app, but it is compatible with a few smart home systems.


3. Best Video Monitor


NEST CAM $234.98

This $199 camera is a third generation of the Dropcam, which now shoots video in 1080 (up from 720p). With a magnetic swiveling base, you can set it up almost anywhere! Additionally, includes two-way audio, sharp night vision and a powerful digital zoom. This product also integrates with other smart home products.


4.  Best Smart Home Lock



This compact deadbolt not only allows you to use your old keys if you want, but it has a SecureScreen feature that makes you punch in two random digits before entering your code. This unique feature ensures burglars can’t guess your password by only fingerprint smudges. This lock also includes an alarm if someone tries to break in. Although it lacks a standalone app, it can be connected to several smart home hubs via Z-wave or ZigBee.


5. Best Light Bulb



These smart LED light bulbs are ready to react based on where you are. Using embedded motion sensors, the bulbs can detect when you’re in the room and turn the lights on and off. It includes an ambient light sensor, which allows the lights to automatically change from a hard white to a softer white, depending on the light in the rest of the room.


6. Best Smart Home Controlling System



Thankfully, this console allows you to make your home smarter on your own terms. The touch-screen panel replaces your wall switch, and, using a small built-in camera, will automatically turn the lights on when you enter a room. Another plus is that it can be used as a security camera. If you are running late, you can send a message to your NuBryte, which tells your family you are running late.


7. Best Bed

smart home


The Sleep Number c2 Bed with Sleep IQ monitors how you sleep all through the night by tracking breathing, heart rate and movement. Following this data, it will give you pointers on how to improve your sleep quality and get some more sleep! Surprisingly, you can adjust each side so that your partner can also track and get the most comfortable night of sleep.


8. Best Refrigerator



The large touchscreen lets you view family members’ schedules, leave notes for each other, order groceries, play music, and even watch TV. The fridge also has three cameras on the inside, which take a picture and email it to you overtime you close the door! No more forgetting what you need at the store! What an innovative fridge!


While all of these “smart-home features are great, if your opting for a listing equipped with smart-home features, it is important to be informed on which features will convey and how those features improve the owners’ lifestyle. Why did they install it? Why do they love it?

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-Kaylee Monteleone


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