As consumers, we’re constantly being asked to provide feedback on our experiences.


Whether we’re dining at a local restaurant, buying clothes a nearby boutique, hiring a plumber, or even house hunting with a realtor, just about every business we engage with asks for our opinion.


Often times, we tend not to think about leaving reviews online until we’ve had an experience that’s exceptionally beyond what we expected (either in a positive or negative way).


At some point by now, though, you’ve probably left at least one review of a local business; do you ever stop and wonder if your review can make an impact?


Reviewing Local Businesses Online: Yes, Your Words Matter!


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Reviews for Ces Guerra (Tanglewood Luxury Real Estate)


According to a recent BrightLocal report, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


With the rise in popularity of smart devices and voice search, it makes sense that online reviews can carry such significant weight; consumers who want to learn more about a business can easily do so at any given moment.


For this reason, it should come as no surprise that the same study reported 73% of consumers are more willing to trust a local business when they see a positive review online.


You may even find this data coincides with your own behavior.


How many times have you looked up a business or service online and decided to reach out for more information after reading a positive review?


It’s almost hard not to let online reviews influence your decisions, as social media and search engines tend to display star ratings and snippets of online reviews almost every time you search for a company.


Tanglewood Luxury Real Estate Review


Do You Have A Habit Of Leaving Online Reviews?


Despite how much we rely on others’ reviews when making decisions, as consumers, we don’t often think about sharing our own reviews online until it is requested of us.


In their report, BrightLocal stated that 68% of consumers reviewed local businesses online in 2017 after being prompted to do so.


This information suggests that consumers are generally willing to write reviews for local businesses, but the thought may not occur to them.  It’s as if we only think about online reviews when we’re making our own decisions, but by the end of our experience, those reviews are long-forgotten.


Importance Of Online Reviews For Real Estate Agents


When it comes to buying and selling homes, online reviews are especially important for both the homeowner and the agent.


As we all know, real estate transactions have the potential to become incredibly stressful or even unpleasant.  Finding a real estate agent you trust is a foolproof way to reduce that stress, and online reviews are a great way to start your search.


Whether you prefer to use Google, Yelp, or social media, these all are great places to share honest reviews about your own real estate transaction.  Always make sure to include the name of the agent you worked with and as much information as possible.


Whether your agent helped you to negotiate an amazing deal or sold your house in record timing, these types of details are important to share with other buyers and sellers so they can enjoy positive experience as well.


Review Tanglewood Luxury Real Estate Online


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