Whether you’re getting ready to move this year or you’re planning to sell at some point in the future, it’s always helpful to know what buyers want to see in a property.  


When you understand what buyers are looking for, you can work with your Realtor to create an effective marketing strategy and find a buyer who’s willing to pay you the full asking price.


Even if you aren’t planning to update your home or make renovations, knowing which features buyers are most interested in allows you to structure your online listing in a way that emphasizes your home’s most attractive qualities and sell your home as quickly as possible.


These Are The Top 13 Features Luxury Homebuyers Want To See:


1. Quiet, peaceful neighborhood


Luxury homebuyers looking for homes in the suburbs typically prefer calm, tranquil neighborhoods where they can relax at the end of the day without being disturbed by street noise or loud neighbors.  


In my experience, the buyers that can isolate the area where they would like to purchase are usually most successful in the shortest amount of time.  


As a buyer, when you narrow the search by geographical area, the homes that meet your physical requirements will present themselves in short order … usually!   It’s easy to filter for bedrooms, sq/ft, lot size, pool, stories etc. But, when buyers pinpoint the neighborhood, they begin to establish their proximity to schools, work and other important lifestyle concerns.  


Make sure your Realtor knows how to market your house as well as the neighborhood you live in, and let buyers know what makes the area a desirable place to live.


2. Plenty of bedrooms


Aside from making sure your online listing states the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, include plenty of photographs of each bedroom so buyers can appreciate how much space your home has to offer.


3. Walk-in closets


In addition to bedrooms, most luxury homebuyers prioritize having ample storage space in a home.  Walk-in closets are a major selling feature in any property, and luxury homes are no exception!


As you’re preparing to sell your house, empty out and photograph each closet.  If you do have walk-in closets, be sure to mention this explicitly in your online listing as well.

4. Clean, simple staging


One of the most effective ways to appeal to buyers is with simple, sleek staging.  Too much furniture or decor can quickly create a cluttered or cramped appearance. Instead, stage each room with just enough items to demonstrate the area’s potential, without overcrowding the space.


5. Well-manicured lawn


Maximizing your home’s curb appeal is another excellent way to attract the attention of luxury buyers.  


Nothing makes a home feel more luxurious than a yard with a luscious, healthy, green lawn.  As you prepare to list your house, be sure your yard doesn’t get neglected. Luxury homebuyers often prefer move-in ready homes that require as little “fixing up” as possible, and that includes the landscaping.  Keep up with regularly watering and mowing the lawn so your property makes the right impression, even before buyers see the inside.


6. Smart features


Smart features like appliances, security systems, and thermostats that can be controlled from a single device will never cease to impress buyers.  The more you can do to modernize your home and simplify everyday maintenance tasks, the better your chances will be of appealing to buyers able to pay your full asking price.


7. Spa-like master bathroom


No homebuyer can deny the appeal of an elegant, spacious master bathroom.  Whether your home includes a deep soaker tub, a wide double sink, or a spacious walk-in shower, make sure these details are communicated to buyers, and include plenty of photos in your online listing as well.


8. Open floor plan


Luxury homebuyers love seeing fluidity between common areas like the kitchen, dining area, and living room.  If your home has an open floor plan, use simple, strategic staging to show buyers just how much space is available in each room.  


Don’t forget to take photos from multiple different angles to illustrate the extra living space in your online listing, too.


9. Outdoor entertaining space


Homebuyers always love to see a large backyard with plenty of room to entertain friends and family in the nice weather.


Even if your yard doesn’t have a pool or deck, a well-groomed lawn with room for a barbecue and outdoor furniture is sure to impress your luxury buyer.


10. Grand entryway


A beautiful entryway is a classic, timeless feature that will always create demand for a home.  


If your house has a grand entryway, stage the area with simple decor and make sure your photos capture the full effect.  Luxury buyers love to see an entryway that makes a statement!


11. Clean, enclosed garage


Homebuyers always love seeing a space to protect their cars from the elements.


If your home has a garage, take the time to clean out any power tools, gardening equipment, or other belongings that you’ve accumulated prior to listing.  In your online listing, post at least one photo of the garage, and let buyers know how many cars can fit.

12. Proximity to top-rated schools


If your home does happen to be located near top-rated schools, make sure your Realtor includes this information to market the property effectively.  Keep in mind that luxury homebuyers will be interested in both public and private schools; talk to your Realtor to find out which nearby schools, if any, are worth mentioning in your listing.  


13. Energy-efficient laundry room


While it’s certainly not necessary to replace your appliances prior to moving, if your home already has an energy-efficient washer or dryer, luxury buyers will absolutely appreciate this.  Make sure you include photographs of the machines in your online listing, and any helpful information about the appliances should be included within the written description.


Get Personalized Assistance When You Sell Your Luxury Home!


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