Thanks to popular job posting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter, it’s become increasingly easy for companies and talented workers to connect with just a few keystrokes.


One challenge that still remains, however, is being able to convince candidates from out of town that they should, in fact, relocate for a given position.  In today’s competitive job market, even glowing online reviews may not be enough to encourage jobseekers to pick up and move for work.


Here Are 4 Simple Ways To Attract Qualified Candidates From Other Cities:


1. Be transparent about salary and benefits


Many companies tend to post job descriptions without sharing information about the corresponding salary or benefits.


This strategy may attract local workers who can stop by for an interview on their lunch break.  Candidates who live out of town, however, are not likely to spend time and money traveling for an interview without first knowing if the opportunity meets their salary requirements.


In order to encourage talent from other cities to at least apply for a position, make sure the job description includes accurate information regarding benefit and pay.


2. Be familiar with your company’s online reviews

There’s no getting around the fact that candidates can and will research every prospective employer as much as possible before they apply to a job.  When it comes to candidates outside of the area especially, your company’s online image is going to have a significant impact.


Regardless of whether the majority of online reviews are positive or negative, it’s wise to make sure interviewers are familiar with the content of these posts and can address any questions or concerns candidates may have.  Before encouraging a candidate to relocate, it’s important to ensure that he or she has a clear, accurate understanding of the company’s culture and structure.

3. Provide clear information about the role and responsibilities

Additionally, before a candidate decides to relocate, he or she must understand what to expect in the new role.  Providing as much information as possible will help insure that the most qualified candidate is selected for the role.  At the same time, candidates will feel more eager and confident to relocate when they know exactly what’s expected of them.


Of course, every new employee requires some degree of onboarding, but this, too, can be made easier when the employee already has a solid understanding of his or her new role.


4. Create a compelling offer with corporate relocation benefits


Any assistance an employer can offer to help ease the stress of moving will inevitably make the company more attractive to talent from outside the area.


If your company doesn’t already offer relocation benefits, I highly recommend looking into Kinetics, a program that allows Houston companies to create their own custom relocation packages.


Learn More About The Kinetics Corporate Relocation Program For Houston-Based Companies


I’m excited to share a brief Q&A with Kinetics director and fellow Realtor, Vanessa Hadrych.  Below, Vanessa has been kind enough to provide more information about the Kinetics program:


Q:   What makes Better Homes & Gardens – Gary Greene’s Kinetics program beneficial for employees relocating to Houston?


Kinetics was designed to help ease the stress of relocating, allowing the transferee to focus on arriving at their new destination city ready to hit the ground running.


The goal of Kinetics is to offer a seamless and rewarding experience for the transferee, whether they are looking to buy, sell, or rent. This commitment to service is paramount, and we pair that with our cost-saving offerings which include a cash-back benefit, zero standard mortgage closings costs through our preferred lender, Gibraltar Mortgage, and preferential pricing and services on everything related to the move. These services include temporary housing, business travel lodging, van lines and storage, pet transport, and more.


Whether a transferee is relocating from Seattle or Shanghai, Kinetics has leveraged Gary Greene’s 55-year legacy as a preferred relocation partner to ensure their relocation needs are met. We can assist transferees who are offered a lump sum, a managed relocation, as well as those moving at their own expense. Let our legacy work for you!


Q: What is the cost for a company to enroll into the Kinetics relocation program?


Kinetics was designed to benefit both the employee AND the employer. We offer our relocation and real estate benefits to employers at ZERO COST and with no contract.


Our goal is to knock it out of the park for your talent every time, so that you and your team WANT to work with us. We get paid when your talent buys or sells a home, and we give part of that back to your talent in their cash-back benefit. In addition to our services for your talent, we offer advocacy services for employers including: candidate tours, relocation policy advisement, networking opportunities (our professional network is highly curated and invaluable), and more.


While we do offer a level of premium services that have a cost associated with them, many of our clients find that our complimentary services are more than adequate to fit their company’s needs.


Q: Is Kinetics very complicated or difficult to work with from the employee’s standpoint?


Kinetics was designed with ease of use in mind! The process starts with a phone call or email to alert the Kinetics Houston team of your relocation needs. We’ll reach out to complete a needs assessment and then take care of the rest! You will have one point of contact for any questions, concerns, or needs. We’ll coordinate with our Realtors and vendors to ensure your needs are met and all necessary services are filled. Our concierge team will monitor your relocation from our corporate office and ensure all time-sensitive details are properly managed, all while keeping your HR team in the loop with custom reporting and update options!


Are You Ready To Start Recruiting Out-Of-Town Talent For Your Houston Company?


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