If you’re thinking of moving to the Houston area, but aren’t sure yet which neighborhood is right for you, I can’t recommend checking out the Spring Branch District enough!  

As a 30 year resident of Houston, I’ve seen many changes in various parts of Houston.  Spring Branch in particular is going through significant gentrification.   I often say it is one of the most underrated parts of town.   Not only does it straddle the I10 Corridor to Downtown Houston, but it is also near the Energy Corridor and City Centre on Beltway 8!   The location provides direct approaches to both airports and the homes are in the widely praised Spring Branch Independent School District.  This is an area that should be considered!

What Is The Energy Corridor?

Known as one of Houston’s largest employment centers, The Energy Corridor describes itself as “the place where energy works, lives and flows.” 

Located between Beltway 8 and the Grand Parkway, about 20 miles west of the heart of the city, The Energy Corridor provides the perfect balance of natural landscape and urban convenience.  As you’ll read on EnergyCorridor.com, the region boasts “over 26,000 acres of lush parks, bayous and reservoirs, and more than 50 miles of trails lead[ing] to beautiful energy campuses, and secure, attractive neighborhoods.”

As you might have guessed, The Energy Corridor is a highly-desirable area for working professionals and young families; and that’s why The Spring Branch District is currently working to evolve its Long Point neighborhood into the perfect community for folks who are planning a move to Houston in the near future! 

What’s New In Long Point?

The SBMD (Spring Branch Management District) is actively working to continue enhancing the quality of life for Long Point residents well into the future.  As of now, there are already an impressive number of exciting new projects slated to take place between this year and 2030.

In addition to new housing development, the SBMD (Spring Branch Management District) also aims to increase public transportation options in the area for convenient, affordable commuting.  On top of supporting a beautiful, healthy environment, these upcoming projects will also allow for easy access to The Energy Corridor.  

That said, Long Point is an especially attractive option if you’re planning to relocate and want to avoid spending hours in the car traveling back and forth between home and the office.

And if you’re a cycling enthusiast like myself, there’s even more good news: the SBMD is planning to create a number of new bike lanes and off-road trails all throughout Long Point.  You can bike to work or to squeeze in more exercise, or enjoy a more leisurely, scenic ride with the family for some quality time together outdoors!

Make sure you check out the SBMD’s website for more information about all the new updates coming to Long Point!

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