“With great power, comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman

That’s from the famous Spiderman series, or something like that. I find myself in challenging conversations with prospects from time to time. A big part of what I do is establishing expectations. Many prospects come to me with very little concept of what they can and can not afford or where they want to purchase. I find that clients that have a solid grip on finances and geographical location, are likely to find a property that meets their needs quickly.

From today’s issue of Realty Times the article, “The Three Most Important Responsibilities Buyers Have” the author summarizes as such:

1. Financial Responsibilities

2. Neighborhood Responsibilities

3. Household Responsibilities

In short, be on solid financial footing and pay your mortgage on time, keep your house in good condition, respect your neighbors, and be wise about where and what you buy in order to meet other financial obligations and goals.

For more details: http://realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/buyersadvice1/item/32036-20141219-the-three-most-important-responsibilities-buyers-have

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