From the beautiful houses to the private community, Tanglewood truly is a luxurious place to live.  As Tanglewood residents, homeowners benefit from the close proximity to Houston, the excellent private schools, and of course, Tanglewood’s own homeowners association.

Tanglewood’s unique HOA, the Tanglewood Homes Association, is a collection of homeowners dedicated to creating a neighborhood homeowners can be proud to live in.  From creating a sense of community to providing the area with high-quality maintenance services, being a part of the Tanglewood HOA may just be the best part of living in Tanglewood.

Of course, no two homeowners associations are the same, and buyers considering the Tanglewood area often have questions about what makes the Tanglewood Homes Association so unique.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Tanglewood’s homeowners association:


1. How does the Tanglewood HOA compare to other nearby HOAs in terms of price?

Contrary to many buyers’ expectations, the cost is fairly inexpensive with an annual maintenance fee of only $1,350 as of 2018.

2. Does the Tanglewood HOA have a recycling program?

Yes!  The THA handles both trash removal and recycling through VF Waste Services, and both services are included in the annual maintenance fee.  Pickup day falls on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your household trash schedule.  Currently, the recycling program accepts paper, cardboard, plastics #1-#7, aluminum and tin cans, pots and pans, and copper.  For more information, take a look at the full list of accepted items.

3. What are some of the benefits the Tanglewood Homes Association offers to homeowners?

 In addition to providing homeowners with regular trash and recycling pickup, the Tanglewood Homes Association preserves Tanglewood residents’ safety and privacy by managing a neighborhood security patrol team.  Security officers are available on duty 24/7 and offer a quick response time in the event of an emergency.

The THA also maintains the neighborhood’s quality of life by providing landscaping services to all homeowners.  Additionally, the THA runs the Tanglewood Garden Club, which hosts meetings and other local events where homeowners can gather to learn about nature and gardening.

4. What are some of the Tanglewood HOA’s guidelines for property conformity?

 In order to preserve the neighborhood’s neat and upscale appearance, homeowners may not store building materials on their property until actual construction will begin.

Each property owner must also maintain his or her lawn on a regular basis, and all plants, trees, and shrubbery must be regularly trimmed as well.

In addition, fences, walls, and hedges must not be taller than 6 feet and cannot be placed closer to the street than permitted, unless the homeowner has obtained written consent from the Tanglewood Corporation.

For more information on the specific property conformity guidelines, please view the Tanglewood Reservation, Restrictions, and Covenants.

5. How can I contact the Tanglewood HOA?

For general inquiries, you can reach the Tanglewood Homes Association office at (713) 781-1642, or you can contact the general manager, Steven Boyd, at  You’ll also find a list of contact information for more specific services on the THA website.

 6. How often does the Tanglewood HOA meet?

The THA hosts monthly board meetings on the third Monday of every month, to which all members are welcome.  Meetings take place at 5 PM in the THA office, located at 5757 Woodway, Suite 160, Houston, TX 77057.


7. How can I join the Tanglewood Homes Association board?

 The THA hosts an annual meeting every January, during which an election is held to fill three positions on the board.  Members who are interested in joining have the opportunity to submit a brief resume, along with a signed written request, and must do so by December 1 in order to be eligible.

8. What types of home renovations require permission from the Tanglewood HOA?

 All home additions, remodeling projects, and exterior paint jobs must be approved by the Tanglewood Homes Association.  Tanglewood homeowners must receive permission from the THA prior to beginning the following projects:

  • Adding or replacing a fence
  • Adding new HVAC units
  • Installing pool equipment
  • Reroofing


Tanglewood homeowners are proud of their community, and take great pride in being a part of such a wonderful neighborhood.  For more information about moving to Tanglewood, please contact me today!

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