Buying a piece of real estate is a smart investment, but you have to be smart to make it worth your while! These home buyer tips will help you avoid these common mistakes in the home buying process. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, check them out!

1. Make sure to do your research!

It’s important to research homes in the buying process. After all, that’s where you’ll be living! But you can’t forget to research the area each home is in. How close is the nearest bus stop? Grocery store? What kind of schools do you want your kids to go to? You’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a place in a community!

Home buyer tips - make sure to research your neighborhood

2. Know what you’re getting yourself into financially.

Buying a home involves so much more than the price of the house. There are utility bills to consider, maintenance costs, and much more! You may have to join a homeowner’s association depending on where you purchase your home. Additionally, you need to make sure your credit is in good standing to get a good interest rate on your loan. Compare estimates from several lenders. You want the best deal you can find!

Home buyer tips - understand the finances

3. Don’t underestimate the timeline.

This is one of the most common mistake buyers make. If you’re preapproved and dealing with a pretty straightforward sale, it’s possible to finish things up in 30 days. However, 45 days is more likely. Deals that involve foreclosures, short sales, multiple lenders, and more could involve lots of delays. Be prepared for the process to take some time.

Home buyer tips - recognize the time commitment

4. Hire a buyer’s agent for more home buyer tips!

If you go into a real estate transaction without a buyer’s agent, you could be in for some trouble. Real estate agents are familiar with every step you need to take to successfully purchase a house. Plus, they know everything that could go wrong along the way.When you work with a buyer’s agent, make sure you’re working with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. This is a designation some agents earn by completing extra coursework, keeping up with market trends, and proving that they can get buyers results! I have earned this particular accreditation and would love to help you out if you’re looking to buy a home in the Houston area!  I myself have earned this particular accreditation. If you’re looking to buy a home in Houston, I’d love to guide you through the process!

Feel free to get in touch with me for more home buyer tips like these and much more.

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