The Tanglewood community is known for its gorgeous luxurious homes, peaceful neighborhood, and an abundance of excellent private schools.  Whether your child is entering pre-k or senior year of high school, there are plenty of local private schools near Tanglewood that offer a truly outstanding education.

Top 10 private schools near Tanglewood

Co-ed private schools

Tanglewood Academy

 Tanglewood Academy has classes from pre-k to first grade, and accepts new students from 18 months to 7 years old.

Not only does this school offer both part-time and full-time class schedules, but Tanglewood Academy also has an after school program, extracurricular activities, and summer camp.

St Michael Catholic School

 St Michael Catholic School is for children from pre-k through 8th grade, and many graduates later attend some of the area’s most prestigious high schools.

New students are accepted on a probationary basis, with priority given first to siblings of current students, then to Parishioners, and finally to Non-Parishioners.  Parents can begin the application process online to enroll their children, and then track the admission status by logging into a school account.

Apart from providing students with an exemplary education, St Michael’s incorporates technology into every student’s day.  Some of the notable uses of technology at St Michael’s include mobile laptops and tablet labs and Chromebooks for middle schoolers.


St John’s School

St John’s is a college preparatory school for students in grades k-12.  Known for having a large percentage of its student body become National Merit Finalists and enroll in AP courses, St John’s is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to have every advantage when the time comes to apply to universities.

Apart from its outstanding academic programs, St John’s also has a reputation for giving back to the community.  Last year alone, St  John’s community service program accounted for nearly 40,000 hours of volunteer work in the greater Houston area.

Parents who would like to explore St John’s as an option for their children can learn more about the admission process and how to apply on the St John’s website.

The Kinkaid School

With a current student body consisting of just under 1,500 boys and girls, The Kinkaid School is a college preparatory school for students in grades k-12.

With a course catalog including AP classes and college-level courses, upper level students who attend Kinkaid have every opportunity to start their college career off on the right foot.

In addition to offering a well-rounded academic experience, Kinkaid offers students plenty of extracurricular options in terms of both arts and athletics.  Recently, in fact, two of Kinkaid’s own wrestlers received state recognition and were named All-Americans.

Parents who would like to enroll their children at Kinkaid should note that tours are available from September until April, and can be scheduled by contacting the school at 713-243-5033.  Additional information about how to enroll at Kinkaid can be found on their website.

The Fay School

For parents of children in pre-k through 5th grade, The Fay School is an excellent choice, and helps prepare students for success at Houston’s best middle and upper schools.

Students at every grade level are taught how to properly use technology for forward-thinking and innovation, with iPads and interactive white boards serving as regular fixtures in the classroom.  Unlike many other schools, The Fay School also has a comprehensive Outdoor Education program, where students can learn about nature hands-on through the surrounding nature trails outside the school.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children at The Fay School can schedule a campus tour or learn more about how to begin the application process online.


Awty International School 

Founded as a pre-school in 1956, Awty International School accepts students from pre-k through grade 12, and is the only school in Houston accredited by the French Ministry of Education.  It’s also the only school that offers students the opportunity to pursue both International Baccaulaureate and French Baccalaureat diplomas.

Recently, Awty announced that all five of their Odyssey of the Mind teams will be entering the state finals after performing exceptionally well at the Houston Area Regional Tourament.

Parents who would like to learn more about how to enroll their children at Awty can schedule a campus tour online or view instructions on how to apply on Awty’s website.

Memorial Lutheran School

Since its founding in 1980, Memorial Lutheran has been a top choice among parents with children between pre-school and 8th grade.

Memorial Lutheran has an impressive academic program, in which reading, writing and math begin as early as pre-school 3.  Music also plays a large role in Memorial Lutheran’s curriculum, with singing and music classes beginning in pre-school, while band and orchestra classes are added to the middle school curriculum.

Additionally, middle school students are taught how to work with technology through the use of iPads, computer labs, and interactive whiteboards.

Parents who would like to schedule a tour at Memorial Lutheran can contact the school at 713-782-4022, and additional information about how to submit an application for enrollment can be found on the school’s website.

Private schools for boys

Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 

As the name implies, Strake Jesuit is a private Catholic school for boys in grades 9-12.  The 52-acre campus, consisting of multiple buildings, somewhat resembles a small college, though the student-to-teacher ratio is quite favorable at 10:1.

In addition to the school’s outstanding academic reputation, Strake Jesuit also boasts impressive athletic teams.  Last month alone, Strake Jesuit’s basketball team finished the season with seven straight wins, while the wrestling team competed in the regional championship, finishing in 10th place out of 39 teams!

Parents who are interested in enrolling their sons at Strake Jesuit can schedule a campus tour online with an Office of Admissions staff member, though this is not required to complete the application process, which may also be done online.


Private schools for girls


St Agnes Academy

Founded in 1905 by the Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Houston, St Agnes Academy is a Catholic school for girls from grades 9-12.  With an average class size of 19 students, the student-to-teacher ratio is a favorable 10:1. 

Parents should also note that St Agnes offers 13 honors and 17 AP courses, though enrollment in these courses is limited and therefore competitive.  Students are allowed to enroll in no more than 4 honors and/or AP courses each year, and AP students at St Agnes are required to take the corresponding AP exams.

Recently, over 22 St Agnes students were recognized by a top national high school art competition and received Scholastic Art Awards for their artwork.  Additionally, several more students earned Gold Keys and Silver Keys in the Scholastic Writing Competition, with one student being nominated for the American Voices Award. 

Parents who are interested in enrolling their daughters at St Agnes can schedule a campus tour or begin the application process online.


Duchesne Girls Catholic School

Boasting an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, Duchesne Girls Catholic School is a top choice for parents of children from pre-k through grade 12.

Aside from an impressive academic offering, Duchesne also provides its students with a variety of art and athletic programs, with dozens of options for extracurricular activities.

Duchesne also makes it their mission to empower young women with the ability to work with and even repair technological devices.  In fact, there have been more than 25,000 documented student repairs in the Computer Audio/Video Education program, since it was established in 1998.

Parents who are interested in visiting the Duchesne campus can contact to schedule a tour.  Additional information about the application process can be found online as well.

As you can see, the Tanglewood area has plenty to offer when it comes to your child’s education and future.  For more information about private schools near Tanglewood or moving to the Tanglewood area, please contact me today!


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