Recently, Ces Guerra was named one of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene’s top 10 performers of 2017.  For years, Ces has consistently served the Tanglewood real estate market, and helped dozens of homeowners with buying and selling luxury properties.  As a long-time resident of the neighborhood and a client-driven realtor, Ces has become the go-to source for buyers and sellers alike.

We recently took the time to speak with Ces about this acknowledgement and to learn more about his experience as a Top Performer:

Q: How long have you been in Real Estate?

A: Technically 5 years in real estate, but 35 years of business experience from Operations, Sales, Training and Management in the corporate world.   Those years of business experience has given me such a broad and in-depth perspective in working for customers/clients.

Q: You previously worked in the corporate world.  What are your biggest lessons from that experience?

 A: I learned to focus on objectives and not to dwell on the clutter.   By being persistent, prepared and taking chances, I accomplished many things that the ordinary person would not have even tried.  Another is not being afraid to fail.   Failure has always been an opportunity to learn how to improve and be successful for me!

 Q: What do you enjoy most about the real estate business?

A: I love being an entrepreneur so work is not work, because I love helping people.  I love helping my clients and colleagues through collaborating on real estate transactions and affiliating with the best, hard working and intelligent realtors in the business.

Q: How have you become so successful in such a short period of time?

A: I figured out a few things that I did very well and that worked, and I kept doing them over and over and over.  I listened to my broker trainers and I implemented tried and true things that worked.  Like the saying goes,  “No need to reinvent the wheel.”   I stayed persistent, I developed routines and I was steadfast in surviving the pitfalls, failures and challenges.

Q: What are your plans for 2018?

A: More of the same.   Maintain my routines, keep learning, continue to take chances and surround myself with the best of the best.   I’m always positive and optimistic even in the face of failures, I’ll always learn the lesson and work to improve!

Q: What advice would you give to a new real estate agent?

A: My years of personal and business life experience, which has involved youth development training, military leadership opportunities and managerial experience puts me in a unique position to provide advice.   I often guide new agents to do a number of things:

  1. Find a mentor.
  2. Create a “MasterMind” group with other new agents.
  3. Develop the mindset to be resilient – get ready to weather the storm, because the real estate business is not easy.
  4. Utilize the training your broker provides and APPLY your learnings.
  5. Most of all HAVE FUN!!

Ces is an excellent example of the age-old sentiment, “hard work pays off.”  With his dedication, perseverance, and positive attitude, it’s no surprise Ces has been so successful in his career!

For more information on Ces’s experience as one of BHGRE Gary Greene’s Top Performers, or if you would like to invite Ces to speak to local organizations about the real estate market, please contact him today.

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