Committing to a diet is never easy, especially when you find yourself surrounded by tempting, unhealthy foods.  One of the best things about living in Houston is the fact that our city makes it so easy to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  As you may know, Houston is practically overflowing with amazing gyms and workout classes, but it doesn’t stop there; Houstonians are also lucky enough to have dozens of fantastic restaurants with enticing, healthy menu options available in just about every neighborhood!

Highest-Rated Restaurants With Healthy Choices in Houston*


Restaurants With Vegetarian Options


Dining out doesn’t always have to mean ordering pasta or salad if you’re a vegetarian in Houston!  These restaurants are known and loved for their creative, delicious vegetarian meals:




Restaurants With Vegan Options


As vegan diets have become more commonplace, more restaurants have finally started offering plant-based meals.  Here are some of vegan Houstonians’ favorite choices:




Restaurants With Juices and Smoothies


When you need a new way to enjoy fruits and vegetables, check out the drinks at these restaurants:




Restaurants With Live and Raw Food Options


If you prefer the purist, raw dishes, make sure you check out these restaurants:




Restaurants With Gluten-Free Options


While gluten-free diets have become more popular, so have restaurants with gluten-free dishes.  Whether you’re avoiding gluten for allergy reasons or dietary ones, make sure you check out these eateries:




What Are Your Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Houston?


Comment below with your favorite diet-friendly Houston restaurants!


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*Based on ratings from Yelp and Thrillist
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