One of the things that most of us have in common is a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle.   The real estate business is no different—it includes odd hours and, at times, there are no days off!


One of the best ways I keep my mental acuity sharp and my physical stamina and energy levels high for my clients is by squeezing in regular and consistent workouts!   I love to mix a variety of things into my exercise routine and my motto is “Keep Moving!”


I enjoy swimming and fitness classes at the Trotter YMCA, I’m also a regular yogi at the Yogaworks studio on Woodway at Bering, and you’ll see me cycling the streets of Tanglewood through Memorial Park up the TC Jester Bike Path and all the way Downtown.   I strongly advocate incorporating exercise blocks if it’s 10-15 minutes or 15-30 minutes at a time!   Short walks, stretching and setting goals is so important!


Keep moving!!


Where To Find The Best Workout Classes In Houston*




Pilates workouts are a great way to increase flexibility while strengthening your core.  These types of workouts are a popular choice because, while effective, they’re usually still, easy enough for those who are new to working out regularly.


Some of the best places to take Pilates classes in Houston include:



Athletic Training and Bootcamps


Bootcamp workouts and athletic conditioning classes are great examples of high intensity, full-body workouts, and there are numerous gyms throughout the Houston area that offer these types of trainings.


Some of the top-rated names include:





Running classes are a lesser-known type of workout that help to increase stamina and keep you motivated, even when you want to quit!


RacePace is a local gym in Houston that’s known for their highly-rated group running classes.



Many gyms and dance studios offer all types of dance classes that provide full-body workouts with fun, upbeat music.


These are some of the top-rated gyms with dance classes in Houston:





Barre is another popular workout that stems from ballet dancing.  Much like ballet, Barre workouts are great for strengthening the core muscles and improving posture and flexibility.


You can find some of the top-rated Barre classes in Houston at the following locations:



Boxing/ Kickboxing


Boxing and kickboxing classes are great examples of high-energy workouts that help to relieve improve posture and coordination while relieving stress.


Some of the most highly-rated gyms with these types of classes include the following:





Cycling classes are an extremely popular type of cardio class that provides a team-like atmosphere and helps strengthen muscles.


Some gyms with the best-rated cycling classes in Houston include:




There are so many benefits to practicing yoga!  With regular workouts, most people notice increased flexibility, improved metabolism, muscle strengthening, and better posture, just to name a few.


You can check out some of the area’s top-rated yoga classes at these locations:





Of course, no workout routine is complete without cardio!  In addition to improving heart health, these workouts are essential for burning calories, reducing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.


You can find some of Houston’s top-rated cardio classes at the following gyms:




Martial Arts and Self-Defense


Not only are Martial Arts classes a great way to learn about self-defense; they’re also a great way to get a full-body workout and increase your flexibility and reduce stress!


Here are some of the best-rated gyms with Martial Arts and self-defense programs in Houston:



What Are Some Of Your Favorite Workouts?


One of the biggest benefits of living in a city like Houston is being able to choose from dozens of incredible new gyms and workout classes to keep exercising fun and exciting.


Leave a comment below with your favorite workout class or gym in the Houston area!


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*Based on ratings from Yelp
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