How much do you really know about Houston?  Whether you’ve lived here for decades or you’re new to the area, there’s always more to learn about Texas’ most populated city.  You might even be surprised by some of the city’s historical secrets and other fun facts about Houston.


Fun Facts About Houston That You May Not Have Heard About:


1. There’s an 87,500 square foot cistern hidden beneath Sabine Street


According to Houston Chronicle, the structure was built during the 1920s and had been forgotten after its abandonment.  More recently, the cistern was rediscovered, and you can even schedule a 30-minute guided tour through Buffalo Bayou Partnership.


2. The Hyatt downtown is home to a rotating restaurant


Most Houstonians have no idea that we have our own rotating restaurant, Spindletop, located on top of the Hyatt downtown.  The dining room completes a revolution every 45 minutes, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the city at night.


3. Airmail Route didn’t get its name the way you think it did


Many Houston residents believe the street in North Houston called Airmail Route was named for the Bush airport, but that’s actually far from the truth.


The Airmail Route name dates back to the 1800s, long before planes were even invented.  Back then, the road served as a main route to Dallas.  Because Airmail Route ran through so many low-lying areas, the road was built above the ground, inspiring its name.


4. There’s an underground tunnel system that spans 7 miles below the city


Located 20 feet below the ground is an underground pedestrian tunnel system connecting 95 city blocks.  According to, the tunnel was originally built to connect two downtown movie theaters.  Today, however, it’s grown to include a number of restaurants and shops.


The tunnel can be accessed from Houston Center at 909 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77010, and many of the buildings located above the tunnel also have direct access to it.


Interestingly enough, Verizon Wireless recently ran an ad campaign boasting strong cellular signals that can still be reached from the tunnel, so no need to worry about missing texts or calls when you visit this secret landmark.


5. There’s a cleverly-placed button that makes the Buffalo Bayou bubble


Look around carefully the next time you’re crossing the Preston Street Bridge, and you might spot a big, red button hidden within the brickwork.  Press it to watch a massive bubble form right within the Bayou!


6. We have multiple secret bars (and they’re hidden in plain sight)


With no front signs or blatant advertising, it’s easy to walk right by some of Houston’s most interesting bars without even realizing it.  Here are 4 secret bars you probably didn’t know about:


Last Concert Café


Located at 1403 Nance Street in Downtown Houston, Last Concert is the perfect secret spot to enjoy Tex-Mex dishes while listening to live music from some of Houston’s most popular bands.


Just knock on the red door to get inside!

13 Celsius


At 3000 Caroline St in Midtown, look for a sign with “3000 Caroline” lit up in red to locate a secret wine bar.  Named after the recommended temperature for storing wine, 13 Celsius offers an extensive wine list, complete with gourmet meats and cheeses.

Mongoose Versus Cobra


Though you may not be able to tell from the outside, the ivy-covered building at 1011 McGowen St in Midtown might just be one of Houston’s most interesting bars.  With a wide variety of cocktails and specialty beers to choose from, Mongoose Versus Cobra is a beloved spot among Houston’s underground bar scene.




Spell “Houston” backwards and you’ve got the name of one of the only bars in the area that doubles as a clothing store.  Next time you’re in Downtown Houston, visit 314 Main Street and look for the neon “Clarks” sign to find this hidden bar.


7. You might be shocked to learn what’s under the Franklin Street Bridge


If you look closely under the Franklin Street Bridge, you can see part of the Donnellan Crypt, the former burial site of an early Houston settler and his family who lived in the area during the 1800s.


No longer used as a resting place, the crypt is still intact below the Franklin Street Bridge, where today’s Houstonians can view its entrance.


Learn More About The Houston Area


Living in Houston is truly unlike any other experience.  If you’re thinking about moving to the area and are interested in buying a home near the Tanglewood, Uptown, Memorial, or Galleria neighborhoods, please contact me today to learn how I can help!



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