If you’re looking for ways to attract an audience for your brand and connect with customers online, I can’t recommend blogging enough.


As a small business owner, I like to provide valuable information and I like to give my audience a sense of who I am.  That’s why I occasionally blog about personal matters, hobbies, or my travels.  It gives my audience another reason to connect with me.



Here Are The Top 5 Ways Blogging Can Help You Grow Your Business



1. Blogging Improves Your Website’s Rank On Search Engines


As you publish new posts about topics related to your business, this helps your site rank on Google and Bing for the phrases (AKA keywords) your customers actively research online.  Essentially, each new blog post you create is adding a new page to your website, which is then eligible to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Of course, most blog posts won’t rank on the first page of Google instantly after being published, but maintaining a consistent blogging schedule indicates to search engines that your site is frequently updated and provides useful information.



2. Blogging Provides Original Content To Help You Promote Your Website


The more blog posts you publish, the more content you have to share with your social media followers and encourage them to visit your site.


While it’s always great to share interesting articles and news from top industry websites, it’s important to keep in mind that your social media followers want to know what you have to say, too— and writing blog posts is a great way to do just that.


You can also squeeze even more value out of each blog post by blasting out content to your email subscribers.  If you’re publishing multiple blog posts each week, you may want to compile a list of links to all your latest posts and share this with your email list every Friday, for instance.  Or, if you publish new blog posts less frequently, it may be better to send out blog posts one by one via email— but make no mistake, your email subscribers would love to check out your latest blog posts!


Aside from making sure your biggest supporters are kept up-to-date on your latest posts, sharing blog content on social and through email is a great way to increase engagement on your website, specifically in the form of blog comments and additional social shares.



3. Blogging Encourages Others To Link Back To Your Website


As I mentioned earlier, updating your blog with new content on a regular basis is a sure way to attract website traffic from new visitors (including prospective customers!).  Additionally, the more posts your blog accumulates, the more likely your audience will be to view you as an industry expert and a reliable source of information.  When this happens, other bloggers in your industry will begin linking back to your content on their blogs, and may even start reaching out to you about upcoming guest post opportunities.  Guest posting (or, being featured on somebody else’s blog) is a fantastic way to easily reach even new audiences and, usually, you’re able to link back to your site as well.


So, you might be wondering: why are backlinks so important?


There are two reasons: first, they encourage readers to click through to your website— meaning that when a heavily-trafficked site links back to you, you’ll start to see an immediate increase in your own site visits.  Better yet, though, backlinks are one of the most influential factors Google and Bing take into consideration when determining where each page of your site should rank on the SERP.  So, in general, the more backlinks your site receives, the better you’ll rank on search engines!



4. Blogging Solidifies Your Status As An Industry Expert


Demonstrating your knowledge and experiences on your blog shows readers that you know the industry in and out— anybody can claim to be an expert, but your blog is a platform that allows you to prove it.


Don’t be afraid to share your unique stories, business announcements, or even Q&A-style content addressing your customers’ recent questions; these are all great examples of content that shows readers exactly how much you’re capable of.



5. Blogging Allows You To Effortlessly Raise Awareness About Your Brand


Possibly one of the best benefits of consistent blogging is the opportunity it creates to expose more customers to your brand.  When your business becomes a recognizable source of accurate information, people pay attention and remember your name.


As a result, your business becomes top-of-mind among both prospective customers and previous clients who can help out by sending you referral business.


When you make your business’s blog a priority, there’s no limit to how much value it can provide!


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