As an active Realtor in Houston, I encounter many individuals and families that are challenged with the issue of renting vs buying. Whether they’re the Millennials or Baby Boomers some of the same issues apply. Let’s explore some of the facts around this issue.

According to a recent article by Bernice Ross, The real reasons millennials aren’t buying homes: Part 1, homeownership peaked in 2002 at nearly 70%. Flash forward 10 years and the home ownership has dropped to 65% in 2013. Some of the drop is attributed to the “correction after 2008, but also a drop in first-time homebuyers, rising housing costs and income levels that have remained stagnant for several years.”

In my everyday experience discussing home ownership, and having deep conversations about personal finances, job security, and available homes, I’ve surmised that there is a significant lack of consumer confidence that is real. Consumers are very aware of market conditions, and the volatility of various job industries. Thus, the behavior is to minimize risk and find the best alternative to buying which is renting.

The $64,000 dollar question is when will this turn around? Your guess is as good as mine. I will say that it is an individual by individual situation, so there will be some home buying but a lot of consumers will continue to rent.

Unfortunately, while there is a fixed upfront cost for consumers to “manage”, the long-term loss is deceptive and financially problematic. See the chart I’ve included to illustrate the long term savings at higher rent costs vs paying a mortgage payment.


Man’s best friend does not get the short end of the stick here in Houston. Many restaurants allow dogs on a leash to accompany. While some people consider it to be a hygenic issue, the establishment’s I’ve been to are careful to maintain a good separation from the food preparation areas.

You can see many pets on leashes on decks and patios under the shade. It provides a warm welcoming atmosphere for most and owners I’ve witnessed are usually very considerate of other patrons. The complete list of Houston – Galleria – Tanglewood – Montrose and other area restaurants that allow pets can be found in the article below.

Check out the article in titled 10 Dog Friendly Restaurants.


When it comes to selling your home or buying a new one, among the most crucial decisions you will make is the broker/agent that will help you through the real estate transaction.

Important factors to consider are longevity, reliability, market presence and credibility. In all of those areas, Better Homes & Gardens – Gary Greene will meet or exceed your expectations. With the national brand and powerhouse of Better Homes & Gardens behind us, local agents like me will use every asset at our disposal to get the job done!

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This is completely an unscientific opinion piece based upon my day to day first hand experience in the Houston Real Estate Market. This is probably no news to anyone, but I thought it would be important to put “pen to paper”, so that you could share it with your friends. Let’s start with the 800 pound gorilla in the room! Oil prices – According to Fox News, “Oil prices fell about 4 percent on Wednesday, with U.S. crude hitting 6-1/2 year lows and threatening to break below $40, after a huge unexpected stockpile build in the United States reinforced concerns about a growing global oil glut.”

I want to share the varying perspectives of buyers & sellers. The psychology is fascinating. As in any market it all comes down to supply and demand. However, in the real estate market there tends to be a lag that hits consumers anywhere from 3 to 6 months late. The declining oil prices have taken a while to influence the market, but it is my opinion, again based upon daily experience, that the day of reckoning is upon us!

Seller’s perspective: Sellers have started out the year in the 2014 frame of mind. “Price it high and watch it fly!!” However in 2015 slowing sales have caused listings to stay on the market for upwards of two to three months! Serving as a slap in the face and a wake-up call. Consumer confidence is forcing buyers to wait, rent, or submit low-ball offers. Uncertainty of a sale is something sellers are dealing with everyday.

Buyer’s perspective: 2014 prices paired with 2015 consumer confidence has buyers jittery at best. The “wait and see” approach is common now. No one seems to want to pull the trigger on the property. Buyers are concerned about job security, decreasing income and low disposable cash. The waiting strategy creates a stockpile in inventories, causing an increase in supply, which in the end will force prices down. Not good for sellers, but great for buyers. The challenge is deciding when to pull the trigger.

As we approach the 4th quarter of the year, and examine the data, Realtors and consumers alike will have to evaluate their own individual situations in order to make their decisions. In my opinion it is going to be a wild ride to Dec 31, but the good news is low gas prices will put extra dollars in everyone’s pockets for those daily needs. I always see the glass as half full!


“Where are the nearby grocery stores?” That is a question one doesn’t normally put at the top of the list when shopping for a new home. However, if you’re looking in the Tanglewood, Galleria area or Uptown Houston, no need to blink an eye. There are plenty of major and minor players to choose from to handle your grocery needs.

In order to give this some perspective let’s travel west on San Felipe from Post Oak Blvd. We will take a couple of side streets too, so here we go!

1. As we travel west, on your left you will see the new Whole Foods Market. Need I say more? Ok, underground parking is pretty cool, and there is also a fancy brewery and beer bar there for some interesting night life. For those that live in the area, it offers an interesting scene for socializing as well as stocking up on some groceries.

2. Catty corner from the WFM is Fresh Market. It’s a smaller version of the aforementioned. Ample parking and a great supply of fresh produce and organic foods. Fresh Market has an interesting selection of products in all categories. So, for Tanglewood residents there is a great alternative on the small and easily accessible side.

3. As we continue west, on your left is the Randall’s grocery store. At the intersection of San Felipe and Sage, Randall’s is located in a the strip center there with three restaurants and a myriad of other retailers. One stop shopping is convenient here!

4. Once you hit Fountainview, the new H E B is on your left. While I have not been in this one yet, the new stores that I have entered are spacious, clean and fun to be in. Inside the H E B, there is an organic and healthy eating restaurant called Table 57. The store anchors a new strip mall with a couple of restaurants and lots of retailers as well. Lots of parking, but get there early!

So these are the major grocery stores in the direct Tanglewood area, but there is Kroger at Voss along with another Whole Foods Market and a Trader Joes across the street. Needless to say, in whatever part of Tanglewood you choose to live, you’ll have plenty of grocery store choices. Happy shopping!


For dog owners, access to dog parks can be a critical issue. In a recent article in the Houston Press, the top 10 Dog Parks were listed. For residents of Tanglewood, the Galleria and Uptown area there are actually some very nice places for residents to take Man’s Best Friend! Here are my top choices!

#1 Woodway Dog Park located on Woodway at Bering this park is easily accessible by walking and there is ample parking along Bering. The park is fenced in and provides a nice place for your pets to run around and get some exercise.

#2 The Tanglewood Blvd – Not specifically a Dog Park but the nearly 3 mile round trip path is convenient to get to from Chimney Rock, San Felipe or Woodway. The path is covered with a fine gravel that is paw friendly and there are baggie dispensers available to encourage residents to pick up the droppings.

Other parks nearby are the Westpark and Allen Parkway/Buffalo Bayou Dog Parks. These are established dog parks with plenty of space and ponds for the furry critters to run and splash joyfully!

If you are searching for a home and have a pet, this is one of the things that I certainly keep aware of. For more info, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

– Napoleon Hill, Motivational Writer

The real estate market in Houston is booming and it is exciting times for many! However, I’ve noticed a trend where many folks are opting to rent, because of the volatility of the market, prices and personal considerations. Fortunately, Houston and Tanglewood specifically has seen a boom of nice new apartment complexes come up with some of the older ones still in place. Let’s take a look at some of the top new properties …

1. 1900 Yorktown This is a Fingers Company property. I’ve toured it and the rooms are spacious with beautiful kitchens, appliances and luxurious finishes. The hallways are wide and the amenities make this a perfect place to plant your roots for awhile. It is located on Yorktown between Westheimer and San Felipe.

2. Tanglewood Gables. This property has been open for awhile now at the corner of San Felipe and Bering. Lots of modern amenities including a variety of floor-plans. It is convenient spot for anyone working in the Uptown area or Galleria. On site Day Spa and Restaurant makes it a property to check out! Being in walking distance to many retail shops and restaurants along San Felipe makes this property one of the truly up and coming residences.

3. Finally, lets take a quick look at the Hanover Post Oak is a high-rise apartment complex opened within the last year, it has all modern amenities one could ask for. Perfect for urban living with a Whole Foods grocery store across the street and many fine restaurants up and down Post Oak Blvd. Centrally located in Houston, this property provides access to Loop 610, which will take you right to I-10, U.S. 59 and other major thoroughfares. Check it out if you can’t make up your mind to buy!

Whether you are buying or renting, I am delighted to share all the details of these properties and others in the heart of Houston. Give me a call today!


People relocating to Tanglewood or other Houston neighborhoods have many things on their minds. One of the most important issues regarding their move is often the private school to send their children to. As your Realtor, I will provide some direction on where to get the best information and have many contacts to share.

There are over 90 private schools in the Houston Metro area and a bunch in the Tanglewood area. One of the interesting organization in our wonderful city is the Houston Area Independent School organization. I can certainly provide contacts within this group and help provide some guidance.

Each year they hold an “Open House” fair to promote the benefits of their school. This event is open to the public: The Annual Houston Private School preview is on Sunday September 27 at the Norris Center in City Centre.

Houston Area private schools will be in one place on September 27 to meet and talk with families looking for the right school for their children. This is the perfect time to pick up information on private schools – both faith-based and non-faith based. Schools in attendance include Early Childhood to 8th grade schools, K-12 schools and High Schools from Houston and outlying areas like Katy, Cypress, Friendswood, Spring, east Houston and the Woodlands. Also in attendance will be boarding schools from across the country. Admission Directors and school representatives will be able to hand out basic information about their schools and any open house dates scheduled.

2 to 4 p.m. September 27, City Center – Norris Center – Beltway 8 and Interstate 10. Visit to learn about our Houston area private school members and to view information about the event.


“With great power, comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman

That’s from the famous Spiderman series, or something like that. I find myself in challenging conversations with prospects from time to time. A big part of what I do is establishing expectations. Many prospects come to me with very little concept of what they can and can not afford or where they want to purchase. I find that clients that have a solid grip on finances and geographical location, are likely to find a property that meets their needs quickly.

From today’s issue of Realty Times the article, “The Three Most Important Responsibilities Buyers Have” the author summarizes as such:

1. Financial Responsibilities

2. Neighborhood Responsibilities

3. Household Responsibilities

In short, be on solid financial footing and pay your mortgage on time, keep your house in good condition, respect your neighbors, and be wise about where and what you buy in order to meet other financial obligations and goals.

For more details:


If you haven’t noticed the trend in Houston with park improvements, well it’s time that you took a gander at this one coming to Upper Kirby.

Levy Park will offer nice open spaces, a Dog Park, shaded pavilions, and a restaurant among other nice amenities. Located right off of 59 at Wake Forest, it will be in walking distance for many residents and local businesses.

Check out the website: