Living vs Clean Living

Here’s an interesting twist to the blog! I’m always happy to share interesting stories. My friend Kara Alloy has made some significant changes to her lifestyle. Here’s her story!

Are you ready to get healthy?
Are you looking to transform your life both physically and financially?

My story:
3 years ago, I was carrying 15 pounds of extra fat, planning each day around my afternoon nap, and hating my desk job. I thought tired was a way of life that came along with the 40/40 plan (40 hours a week for 40 years). I was introduced to nutritional cleansing, and my whole life changed. I released 15 pounds of toxic fat, and have kept it off for 3 years. I wake up each day excited and energized, and quickly realized I can help others feel the same way! This is me!

What is nutritional cleansing?
Nutritional cleansing allows the body to function the way it was designed to by releasing toxic chemicals from the system and nourishing it with the nutrients it requires. Eating “clean” or “organic” is no longer sufficient because our food is nutritionally bankrupt. This isn’t 30-day crash diet, this is a lifestyle. You are going to feed your body the best possible nutrients it can get, while systematically removing toxins. In the process, you may see your energy levels surge, your mental clarity improve, lean muscle increase, your mood change (for the better), and inches and pounds come off.

What system is right for you?
We offer products and solutions for weight loss, energy, athletic performance, and overall healthy aging. So whether you’re looking to kill it in the gym and get that 6 pack, or lose that last 10 sticky pounds of fat, there is a system to fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. All of our products are non GMO, organically sourced, and free of artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors!

What will your before and after picture look like?
These are people just like me and you that decided it was time to take control of their life.

What does you dream life look like?
If time and money were no issue, what would you be doing with your life? What if I could show you a way to live the life of your dreams by helping others achieve their goals? You can fit this business into the pockets of your time, and the only requirement is a willingness to learn and help others.

If this sounds like something that would be right for you, or you just want me to answer some questions, please contact me! I love connecting with other people who are passionate about life!
Kara Alloy

First Time Homebuyer? Does ZERO Down Sound Interesting?

Today, Josh Anderson, one of Houston’s most highly recognized lenders provides some inside perspectives to working with first time home buyers! As is the case in many situations the down payment can be a major obstacle. Not anymore!

“Recently, a friend asked me how can folks get a loan if they don’t have a down payment?

BancorpSouth is committed to providing special loan programs to increase opportunity for homeownership. Our special loan program, called Right@home tackles the lack of downpayment barrier to homeownership by offering 100% financing.

This loan program is an excellent opportunity for a first time home buyer to either get into a home more quickly than they may have thought – but you don’t have to be a first time home buyer to utilize the program! Anyone who qualifies can take advantage of this zero down loan.

Right@home is different than other loan programs in many ways. The only other traditional zero down loan is for veterans, with Right@home, you don’t have to have a military background. Additionally, there is no private mortgage insurance (PMI) required- which equals big savings. The borrower can receive up to 6% of the sales price from the seller to pay for closing costs and is only required to invest $500 either during the loan process or at closing. This loan is not a form of down payment assistance or grant, which may be required to be paid back and usually have large fees associated with them in order to participate.

The Right@home loan is only available at Bancorp South.


Josh Anderson Email: Cell: 832-687-8499

Five Staging Tips for Houston Sellers

Dear Sellers,

I’m thinking about you!   Just some handy dandy everyday tips to freshen and prepare your house for sale ….   Ready?  Go!

Staging Tips:

Everyone who plans on selling their house could use some staging tips. Staging makes a house more appealing to any potential buyer. According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell faster than unstaged ones and may even garner a higher asking price. Staging your home to sell it is very different than regular interior decorating, so take a look at these staging tips to make your house looks like someone else’s home!

Staging tips - cleaning

Clean your home from top to bottom.

This may go without saying, but it’s important to keep your house as clean as possible while it’s on the market. Buyers want to know that the previous owners took care of their future home. Sticky counters, dirty floors, and grimy bathrooms will make buyers turn around and move on to the next house on their list.

Get rid of clutter and personal items.

You want buyers focused on your house, not on the items in your house. Personal photos, keepsakes, and other items can be very distracting. Excess clutter can make space appear smaller and should be cleared away to make your home look clean and roomy.

Paint your interior walls with neutral colors.

Now isn’t the best time to show off your lime green feature wall. Color preference varies widely by person. Avoid bold colors to help buyers picture themselves in your space. Even if you avoid dramatic colors, you don’t have to paint all of the walls white. Rich grays, browns, and cream colors all look wonderful and keep a space neutral.

Show off your closet space.

Storage sells! Keep your closets clean and organized. Take out some of your belongings to give your closet the appearance of spaciousness. When you have showings, keep the closet doors wide open so buyers know that your closets have nothing to hide.

Don’t forget to stage the outdoors.

A few pieces of furniture, some potted plants, and a fresh coat of paint can give a home the perfect amount of curb appeal. Give potential buyers an idea of how they might use the space, and that may be the tipping point that leads them to make an offer!

How to Make Your Houston Move Stress-Free

Hiring a mover is one of the best ways to reduce stress during an already stressful time. Houston is a huge city, so how can you keep your Houston move simple? There are tons of movers to choose from. Who can you trust with all of your possessions? Here are some tips to keep your Houston move simple!

Don’t trust someone without verifying who they really are. It’s finally here! The day you move into the new home. The last thing you want is for someone to drive away with a truck of your belongings, never to be heard from again. Get referrals from someone you know. Check to make sure the company is a real moving company. Doing your research early will save you a lot of heartache later.

Avoid scammers during your Houston move

Get an estimate. No mover will know how much you owe unless they can see how much stuff they’ll be moving. Have three or four companies come in and give you a quote. This will save you from any surprises later and help you get the best price in town.

Do your research early. Booking a mover at the last minute means you might not be getting a good price. It also means you could be missing out on working with the best companies. Consider your options long before the big weekend to save money, time, and avoid companies that might be trying to take advantage of you.

Pack your belongings on your own. Hiring movers to pack your belongings can incur hefty additional costs. Movers may be responsible for damage to your belongings if they pack them, but any decent mover will take care of your belongings and ensure they make it to their new home safely.

How have you simplified your Houston move? What’s your favorite way to keep costs low and stress down?

Buying New Homes: What Time Is Best?

Many buyers want to know what the best time is for buying new homes. Moving can be incredibly stressful. You’re dealing with buying and selling some of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime. No one wants to make the move before the time is perfect.

We wait to find that perfect moment for buying new homes, but sometimes we wait too long! Here are some good signs that it’s time to leave your current home and buy a new one.


You’ve outgrown the old place. Maybe you’ve added more family members into the mix, or maybe you’ve accumulated a lot of things that you don’t want to get rid of. Either way, there’s no reason to stay in a space that’s too small for you. An experienced real estate agent will be able to help you find a that’s not too small, not too big, but just right.


You have too much space. The kids have finally all graduated and moved on to college. The empty nest is feeling especially empty with all of those extra rooms sitting unoccupied. A smaller space will usually go less for a bigger one, and you may be paying for college. Get rid of that lonely feeling and save some money in the meantime!


The commute is just killing you. Buying new homes closer to the place you work is a great strategy to reduce stress and improve your general well-being. You’ll save time, gas money, and frustration. Throughout the country, tons of people report their commute as one of the most stressful things about their lives. Find a home closer to work and save yourself some time and energy!

Thinking about buying new homes

You’ve been thinking about it for a while. Go with your gut.  There may be no perfect time.   Moving is challenging and difficult no matter when you decide to pack your boxes.    If you’ve been considering making a move for a while, now is the time to do it! 2017 is an excellent time for buying new homes, selling old homes, and creating the life you’ve always wanted to live! Just make sure you’re working with a qualified real estate agent to guide you through the process.

Move to the Tanglewood Area and Get Moving!

Living in the Tanglewood area makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The neighborhood is full of healthy food options, fitness centers, and beautiful parks. As a Tanglewood resident and a life-long “gym rat”, exercise is an important part of my routine. Whether it is cycling, yoga, HIIT training at Empower FitnessLab, walking at Memorial Park, or the occasional round of golf, exercise is a habit for me.

The Tanglewood area is the perfect place to kickstart or maintain your exercise routine. For me, exercise is as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I encourage you to start slowly and build up. Whether you’re just beginning and going once or twice a week or increasing to three or four times a week, it’s time to get moving!

Run, ride a bike, or just get active in the Tanglewood area!

Where can you exercise in the Tanglewood area?

There are tons of possibilities! Are you into CrossFit? If you’re in the Tanglewood area looking for a workout with lots of variety, check out Clutch Crossfit on Schumacher. Crossfit is great for experienced athletes and total beginners!

For those who have been exercising for a while, The Core is an excellent gym choice. They have plenty of equipment and are very trainer-friendly for those of you who may be working with a personal trainer.

Just on the east side of 610, Uptown Fitness has tons of personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. They have tons of classes, nutrition counseling, and even a corporate wellness program!

Many people need a gym at an affordable rate; fortunately, the Tanglewood area has multiple 24 Hour Fitness locations. Visit the Galleria location and then grab a healthy dinner at H.S. Green afterward!

Why exercise?

I highly advocate exercise for all of its benefits. It promotes a general sense of well-being, boosting endorphins, healthy BMI, stress relief, and spending quality time with family and friends. As a busy Realtor, it’s important for me to manage my time wisely to ensure that I get my exercise, and my clients directly benefit from this! My increased energy, clarity of mind, and overall stamina help me help them solve their difficult real estate problems.

Making small changes and implementing them consistently over a long period of time is so important! Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect taught me this and many other tips. Small changes lead to big impacts. Even if you’re feeling stressed out or tired, look deep inside yourself and find the courage to go for a 10-15 minute walk. One day that 10-15 minutes will become 20-30 minutes, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and grateful for the small changes you implemented. So, start developing the habits today that will turn you into a “gym rat,” and you’ll never look back!

Four Valuable Home Buyer Tips for Houstonites

Buying a piece of real estate is a smart investment, but you have to be smart to make it worth your while! These home buyer tips will help you avoid these common mistakes in the home buying process. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, check them out!

1. Make sure to do your research!

It’s important to research homes in the buying process. After all, that’s where you’ll be living! But you can’t forget to research the area each home is in. How close is the nearest bus stop? Grocery store? What kind of schools do you want your kids to go to? You’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a place in a community!

Home buyer tips - make sure to research your neighborhood

2. Know what you’re getting yourself into financially.

Buying a home involves so much more than the price of the house. There are utility bills to consider, maintenance costs, and much more! You may have to join a homeowner’s association depending on where you purchase your home. Additionally, you need to make sure your credit is in good standing to get a good interest rate on your loan. Compare estimates from several lenders. You want the best deal you can find!

Home buyer tips - understand the finances

3. Don’t underestimate the timeline.

This is one of the most common mistake buyers make. If you’re preapproved and dealing with a pretty straightforward sale, it’s possible to finish things up in 30 days. However, 45 days is more likely. Deals that involve foreclosures, short sales, multiple lenders, and more could involve lots of delays. Be prepared for the process to take some time.

Home buyer tips - recognize the time commitment

4. Hire a buyer’s agent for more home buyer tips!

If you go into a real estate transaction without a buyer’s agent, you could be in for some trouble. Real estate agents are familiar with every step you need to take to successfully purchase a house. Plus, they know everything that could go wrong along the way.When you work with a buyer’s agent, make sure you’re working with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. This is a designation some agents earn by completing extra coursework, keeping up with market trends, and proving that they can get buyers results! I have earned this particular accreditation and would love to help you out if you’re looking to buy a home in the Houston area!  I myself have earned this particular accreditation. If you’re looking to buy a home in Houston, I’d love to guide you through the process!

Feel free to get in touch with me for more home buyer tips like these and much more.

What Makes Tanglewood Homes So Appetizing?

For the past few years, people have been making the move to Houston at higher rates than anywhere else in the country. Tanglewood homes are an excellent choice for Houston newcomers! Tanglewood is a family-friendly neighborhood with a lively social scene, affordable homes, and incredible food.

Why do Houstonites love Tanglewood homes?

If you’re making the move to Houston and want to find a home near some of the best food in town, the Tanglewood neighborhood has some of Houston’s most well-reviewed restaurants. Here are some of the top restaurants near the Galleria!

Tanglewood Blvd. in Houston, TX

  1. Dish Society

    You’ll find fresh, locally-sourced, American fare in this casual eatery. Whatever meal you’re looking for – hearty or healthy – can be found at Dish Society. They also feature more than five local craft beers on tap! If you’re moving to Houston, no matter where you end up living, this local favorite is a must-try.

  2. Local Foods

    The Tanglewood location of this trendy, Houston chain serves up delicious, healthy food. They’re a farm-to-table restaurant with tons of lighter options! Here you’ll find sandwiches, soups, and salads at an affordable price. A quick drive from the heart of the Galleria area, Local Foods is the perfect spot for your lunch break!

    The Galleria in Houston, TX

  3. Barnaby’s Cafe

    Less than a block from Tanglewood Park, Barnaby’s is the king of comfort food in the Galleria area. The cafe serves out-of-this-world burgers, barbecue chicken, plus vegetarian options for those rare Houston herbivores. Come for a hearty dinner, a slice of Chocolate Addiction cake, and finish the night with a walk around Tanglewood Park.

  4. Latin Bites

    South American and Peruvian flavors get a contemporary twist in this trendy Galleria restaurant. Their enormous menu features a dish for everyone! Order one of their Peruvian signatures and a slice of tres leches for an indulgent feast. If you’re moving to Houston, take a look at some northern Tanglewood homes, and they may be within walking distance of this local favorite.

    Westheimer Rd, close to many Tanglewood homes

  5. Table 57 Dining and Drinks

    Austin isn’t the only city in Texas where you can find live music and delicious food. Table 57 Dining & Drinks features live music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to go with their New American cuisine. Fun fact: the 57 in Table 57 comes from the local zip code! Swing on by to 77057 to give Table 57 a try.

Which of these restaurants are you ready to try? Do you have a favorite dish? Let us know in the comments below.

Houston, TX Skyline

Houston Movers – Making Our Move Together

3 Men Movers has an internal attitude that permeates through to its customers! What is that attitude? “It’s our move!” They really do make their clients feel as though they’re making the move together. The service is personal and provides a feeling of security. Especially, when one considers that your possessions are being transported by complete strangers.

I invited Lauren Pickens of 3 Men-Movers to provide some inside details on the company and the service they provide! So, I’ll leave it to our guest blogger:

5 Must Do’s To Find Reliable Movers In Houston

During our 32 years as Houston movers, we have heard endless stories from clients who have booked with shady moving companies in the past and are hesitant to trust movers again. To protect yourself from these illegitimate companies we have outlined the five ways to ensure you are booking with movers you can trust!

1. Check to see if their TXDMV# is valid
One of the most important, and least known ways consumers can ensure that they are booking with a legitimate moving company is to check their DMV#. Every legal mover is required by law to list their DMV# on their website (it’s usually located in the footer) and on their trucks. By simply typing the number that you find into the Texas DMV truckstop site, you can verify that you are booking your move with legitimate movers.

2. Make sure they are BBB accredited
Another important step is verifying that your movers are BBB accredited! Simply type the business name into the search bar on the BBB site and you can find out whether or not the company is accredited, what complaints they may have outstanding, and their letter rating.

3. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about the fine print
Unfortunately, not all moving companies are forthcoming about their service. Keep reading for the questions you may not think to ask but need to know before you book.
● Are there any special fees for large items?
● Does the hourly rate begins when they leave their office or when they start moving?
● Is there an hourly minimum?
● Are there fees for travel time (sometimes referred to as fuel charges)?

4. Do some digging online
Check out their social media platforms and reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google +. Checking these websites gives you the opportunity to see what other customers have to say about their service and you also get the chance to see how they interact with their clients.

5. Ask around
While online research is great, there’s nothing wrong with doing things the old fashioned way. Get the opinions of your friends and family. See what movers they have used in the past and what their experience was like.

In Conclusion
Ensuring that you are booking with reliable movers may take more effort, but when all of your belongings are in your new home without a scratch, you’ll be glad that you put in the time and booked with pros! Happy moving!

-Lauren Pickens



Thanks Lauren!  And, keep up the great work!   We at Tanglewood Luxury Real Estate appreciate all the great things you do for our clients!!!



Beware, Couch Potatoes! Sitting Raises Health Risk!

I recently bought a Varidesk for my office, because I had read an article and realized that standing while working makes sense.   I sent Kaylee some information regarding sitting, which fits right into the idea that one should stand while working.  Feeling energized and alert helps my productivity too!!!

Does your job involve prolonged sitting? Or are you simply just a couch potato? According to CBS news too much sitting can take a serious toll on your health. This includes putting you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death. Even if you exercise regularly, you may still be at risk. Simply put, sitting for 23 hours a day is harmful. Dr. David Alter of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, found in his study that the health hazards seem to be highest for people who sit 8 or 9 hours a day.


Heres the breakdown for the raised health risk associated with prolonged periods of sitting:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease 14%
  2. Cancer 13%
  3. Diabetes 91%

In conclusion to these risk, those who sat for long stretches and got no regular exercise had a 40% higher risk of early death. However, with regular exercise, the risk was smaller but still about 10%.


So how can you prevent these risk? Doctors suggest standing up and taking a quick, 1-to 3-minute break every half hour or so throughout the day. This will burn twice as many calories as sitting. If your office doesn’t already have a standing desk, suggest getting one to boost health and fitness levels in the office. An employee at a health care clinic in New Jersey who was given a standing desk claims, “My energy level is just much more consistent throughout the day. I don’t have those kinds of ups and downs that I had when I was more sedentary.”

Other ideas to sit less and move more from mbg

  1. Stand up while you are on the phone. Better yet, pace!
  2. Walk more around your house.
  3. Take the stairs.
  4. Hold a walking meeting.
  5. Walk after you eat lunch.
  6. Park your car farther away from your destination. Don’t look for that perfect spot up close.
  7. Take the long route!
  8. Dance when you can!
  9. Get vigorous about your daily cleaning and cooking.
  10. Work your calves when you brush your teeth!
  11. Stand up and stretch when you’re at your computer a lot.
  12. Don’t send emails if the recipient is in walking distance. Get up, walk and talk.
  13. Stand up or do exercises while watching TV.
  14. Consider a standing workstation.
  15. Fidget!
  16. Refill your water glass every hour.

Dr. Alter suggest the key is to build your stamina up slowly. Try cutting your sitting time by 15-20 minutes per day. Over time, you can aim for 2 to 3 fewer sedentary hours per day.

For more information on the risk of sitting for too long and how to avoid  or prevent it visit and

Get moving!

-Kaylee Monteleone